The Holy Grail of Trading?

“Create your own Low-cost Hedge Fund with Arcade Trader + AlphaHub

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone could have access to the same returns as the large investment firms? This was the driving mission behind why we created Arcade Trader: to provide the power of Algo Trading to consumers.

The challenge is that not everyone is a programmer and/or knows the fundamentals behind writing a profitable strategy, which is pretty much the Holy Grail for Algo Traders.”

Two leaders in algotrading, AlphaHub focused on creating signals for NASDAQ 100 stocks generated by powerful Online Portfolio Selection strategies, and ArcadeTrader that spent 3 years of production in establishing a stable execution platform joined forces to give the small savvy investor unprecedented access to the same tools that only the most successful hedge funds in the world have.

Our algos do easily 2x in a year with Sharpes between 3 and 5.

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