I really cannot stand when somebody brags about a bot in crypto that doesn't beat BTC !

Can you show the performance of your bot compared to BTC? BTC did 4x in a year last year. Our crypto bot did 70x in a year, yours? If your bot cannot beat BTC hodling you have nothing. Also it shows you don't understand how trading or investing works. It would be different if one didn't know in advance which stock you were going to beat on a priori but BTC is the king of crypto so the goal is to beat its performance, basically you want to multiply your BTC. Show us how many your gains in terms of BTC not USD (in particular during a bull run). In fact, you should be always ahead you should multiply USD when there is a bear market and you should multiply your BTC during a bull run. In fact, ideally a crypto bot should be any crypto in that period (a harder thing to do). The best crypto did 20x last year. So you reallly need to do at least that with your bot to say you have a great crypto bot.

I'm so mad because I saw this happening so many times. One time I chocked on my food when somebody showed me the results from a trading bot that traded BTC last year. I saw the 2x return and I thought no bad for trading stocks. When I asked what the bot was trading I found out it was not stocks it was crypto !

Again BTC did 4x in a year last year, so you lost half of your BTC if you traded with this bot. Ask the professor in your team to check your homework. Sorry to be a jerk but it is really, really annoying and misleading to make claims your crypto bot is great if it cannot even beat BTC.


Physicist, neuroscientist, financial analyst. CEO and Director of Research at Quantonomy: https://www.quantonomy.fund/giovanni-santostasi-phd

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