Cloud Solution for AlphaHub Traders

  1. Manual trading: once subscribed one can log in to our website and read the daily signals. We feature Opti, Mino, and Optimizer algos that are updated every day at 9:40 am, 10:30 am eastern for Opti and Mino. The Optimizer is either of these two times because it optimizes between the 2 algos and selects one or the other on different days. Given the strategies are based on a single stock per day it is relatively easy to place the orders manually. Slippage should be relatively low even with manual trading but it is not an optimal solution. Unfortunately until now is the main solution for traders in Europe or elsewhere in the world because we don’t have yet integration with a non-US broker such as Interactive Brokers (coming soon). Pro: a) it is free, b) by looking at the charts you can control better the entry and exits points of the trades suggested by the signals, c) you can use any broker (even outside the US). Con: a) it is slow, b) you need to be around when the signals come out (9:40 am and 10:30 am eastern) c) it is not easy to close and open positions at the same time.
  2. A fully automated Trader can be found here:

How to set up your ArcadeTrader account to use AlphaHub signals


STEP 2 :

  1. Make the “Can Begin Trading” active (click yes, and it will go from red to green)
  2. Make the “Can End Trading” active (click yes, and it will go from red to green)
  3. Decide the amount to trade. There is a couple of ways to do this

Step 3:




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