Even using a toy model metric one can predict the market. The metric used here is Return Today= Return Tomorrow. With this metric, you can rank stocks on NASDAQ and make 17x in 3 years. More sophisticated predictive metrics give even better results.

Can you predict the market? Yes, you can, and if you cannot do not trade.

We will discuss our Trading Manifesto in more detail in a following post. But here is a preview on what we consider a sound basis for trading.
Real efficient and scientifically based algotrading should be based on the ability to predict market behavior. Evidence of predictive power needs to be present to be confident in the algorithm. Cumulative gain curves are not enough.

What is often misunderstood is that to be successful in trading is not necessary to have a high level of precision. …

“Create your own Low-cost Hedge Fund with Arcade Trader + AlphaHub

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone could have access to the same returns as the large investment firms? This was the driving mission behind why we created Arcade Trader: to provide the power of Algo Trading to consumers.

The challenge is that not everyone is a programmer and/or knows the fundamentals behind writing a profitable strategy, which is pretty much the Holy Grail for Algo Traders.”

Two leaders in algotrading, AlphaHub focused on creating signals for NASDAQ 100 stocks generated by powerful Online Portfolio Selection strategies, and ArcadeTrader that…

Finally a competing strategy to what we use. This are the types of results that one can be proud of, congratulations. Our algos does close to a CAGR of 350% in a year but we trade a single stock every day using algos. https://www.quantonomy.fund/blank-page

Power-law model of BTC all the way to Genesis Block. Two of the earlier non-exchange events come much closer to the trend line while the Pizza event is a clear outlier.

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On May 22 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz, from Jacksonville, FL, agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two delivered Papa John’s pizzas. He sent the BTC to another online BTC early adopter and this person used USD to buy the pizzas and asked the pizza parlor to deliver them to Laszlo. History was made. It was one of the earliest recorded transactions in BTC and maybe the first physical object bought using cryptocurrency (even if in an indirect manner). It is often used as a way to show how much…

To all our followers we are going to publish another article soon (almost done) telling the story of Quantonomy and our trading platform AlphaHub but we wanted to announce our new website at:

Check out our blog and soon coming Education and Resource section with papers on Econophysics and relevant topics.

Also on the website, you will find an Events section where we will announce upcoming live events, the next one is on May 15, 2:10 PM PDT Live Streaming on FB: Meet and Greet the Quantonomy Team.

We will meet on Facebook and stream live answering any questions from…

What is missing from this well written article is how well the bots are doing. Which one , or which strategies featured by the bots beat BTC? If a crypobot doesn't do better than BTC is not just useless it is a bad idea. Our cryptobot did 40x in 3 months.

You can check it here:


I really cannot stand when somebody brags about a bot in crypto that doesn't beat BTC !

Can you show the performance of your bot compared to BTC? BTC did 4x in a year last year. Our crypto bot did 70x in a year, yours? If your bot cannot beat BTC hodling you have nothing. Also it shows you don't understand how trading or investing works. It would be different if one didn't know in advance which stock you were going to beat on a priori but BTC is the king of crypto so the goal is to beat its…

Quantonomy Econophysics algorithms

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A little history

Quantonomy LLC was founded in 2018 based on several years of experience in creating trading and mathematical models of cryptocurrencies and other financial assets.

I’m the Chief Scientific Officer of Quantonomy. I have worked in several fields of science. I gained my Ph.D. in Physics with a dissertation on Gravitational Waves and the physics of neutron stars. In 2009, for several professional and personal reasons, I switched to…

Giovanni Santostasi

Physicist, neuroscientist, financial analyst. CEO and Director of Research at Quantonomy: https://www.quantonomy.fund/giovanni-santostasi-phd

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